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How Do I Approve Time-Off Requests?
How Do I Approve Time-Off Requests?

Approval process for time off and edit request from the manager's side.

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Our Time Off feature streamlines and automates time-off management, making it easier than ever to stay in control. With a wide range of capabilities, including the ability to approve or decline employee requests, you can ensure that your employees' time off is managed efficiently.

Activating Admin Approval

To ensure that every time off request submitted by an employee is subject to admin approval, you must activate this capability by specifying it in the policy settings. To do so, simply turn on the "Time off request requires admin approval" setting when creating the policy. Learn more about creating a time off policy here.

It's worth noting that if this feature is turned off, time off hours requested by employees will be automatically approved and deducted from their policy, potentially reducing the level of control over the time-off management process.

Setting time off manager approval in Connecteam

Introduction to Pending Requests

Once an employee has requested time off, every admin who has permission to can either approve or decline the request from the dashboard. You can learn more about time off admin permissions in this article

  1. Access your dashboard.

  2. Select the Time Off feature from the left sidebar.

  3. On the upper right page, click on the Pending Requests button.

The request modal will appear, listing all the requests your employees have submitted over a specific time range. Employees will be able to check the status of their requests (i.e. declined, approved, pending) by accessing their request tab from the mobile app. For more information on how time off looks for employees, take a look at this article.

Approving and Declining Requests

As a manager, you'll be able to either approve or decline requests.

If you choose to approve them, the requests will automatically populate on the employee's timesheets.

If you want to change the status of a request that you have approved or rejected, simply go to the View Request modal and select the History tab. By clicking on the three dots, you can modify the status of the request.

Changing the status of a time of request in Connecteam

Set Up Notifications and Never Miss a Request Again

Within the Time Off settings, you have the option to receive email or push notifications whenever a user submits a time off request or when the request is approved or declined by another admin. You can easily customize your notification preferences in the Time Off settings by enabling or disabling this feature.

To enable notifications simply by following these steps:

  1. Access the Time Off feature and click on the Options button.

  2. Select the settings.

  3. Toggle on the relevant notifications you wish to be notified to

Keep in mind that all managers and administrators have access to these notification settings, but they need to be adjusted for each admin individually. You can read more about Managing Notifications by clicking here.

GIF of setting up time of notification in connecteam

Please note that the ability to activate the admin approval is available from our HR Basic Plan and above.

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