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How Can I Stop Auto-Approval for Time Off Requests?
How Can I Stop Auto-Approval for Time Off Requests?
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If your users are requesting time off and it is auto-approved you can change this to make time off requests admin approval required. If you are a hands-on manager and you want to control and monitor efficiently employees' time off requests you can easily set the time off policies as admin-approved required so that the time off would be reduced from your employee's balances only after an admin will arrpove it. Meaning that whatever isn't approved by you won't be reduced from the employee's balance and their time off won't be approved.

You can find the setting in the Time Off policy settings:

In order to set admin approval required simply access the Time Off feature in the left sidebar, and click on the three dots next to the relevant policy you wish to set admin approval required to requests. Click on "Edit Policy" and then "Next step" to edit the policy settings. Under General settings, tick the "Time off request requires admins approval" setting. Then go ahead and click on Next step and then Save.

Once you have enabled admin approval for time off requests, you can start approving your user's requests easily!

Access the Time Off feature from the left sidebar, if you have a pending request you will see the Pending Requests blue button with the number of pending requests awaiting your approval. Click on it and you will see the request that is waiting for approval. Here you can approve or reject and add a note for the user to see.:

**Admin approval in the Time Off feature is available from the HR Basic plan and above**

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