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Connecteam is an all-in-one solution for managing employees and simplifying work processes. Our platform is divided into three Hubs: the HR & Skills Hub, Operation Hub, and Communication Hub. Each of these Hubs is split into different plans, based on capabilities and pricing: Free, Basic, Advanced, and Expert.

In this article, we will be focusing on The Basic HR & Skills Hub which is a great starting point for companies that want to move away from pen and paper and all the time needed to deal with those and start digitalizing their HR operations.

Below you will find an overview of the main features of the Basic Plan and their plan capabilities

Time Off Feature

Our time off feature has been designed to help you say goodbye to tracking time off using spreadsheets! With Connecteam's time off feature, you can accurately manage all things related to time off with no calculations needed. You can create paid or unpaid time, limited or unlimited time off policies to meet your company's needs. Everything is transparent to both managers and employees. From the mobile app or the dashboard, employees will always be able to see their policies and balancers. As for managers, they can view all leave requests and manage balances from one unified dashboard, or approve or decline requests on the go!

  • The basic plan lets you create 6 time-off policies with balance management and tracking

  • Unlimited Time off policies without balance management and tracking.

  • Require admin approval for requests making sure each request goes through a manager's hands.

To learn more about the Time Off feature, click here.


Our Courses have been designed with the purpose of making it easier for managers to create their digital versions of onboarding and training. Courses are a great tool for making sure your employees are following the syllabus/ structure you have created for them and staying up-to-date with any training they might need to do. As users, your staff can easily access all their courses from the mobile app and do everything on the go.

  • The Basic plan offers up to 5 courses which can be comprised of an unlimited number of sections.

  • Another major Basic capability is the ability to add different resources as course objects (text, PDF files, Youtube links, and quizzes).

  • Course insights: As an admin, you will have access to the courses’ insights meaning you will be able to see the progress of each of your employees and know exactly what their status is.


The Documents is our solution for managers of desk-less teams to receive, manage and store all their employees’ documents (contracts, tax forms, personal forms, COVID certificates, licenses, etc.). This will make it much easier for both managers and employees to send and submit documents, cutting significantly the time spent on this process.

  • As part of the Basic plan, admins have the ability to create two separate packs/folders and store up to 5 documents per pack.

  • Users also have the ability to upload documents straight from their phones, through the mobile app, and can always view their documents there, too.


Managers that want to create and easily view the road maps of their staff now finally have a feature that allows them to do just that - introducing to you the new employee Timeline.

The Timeline will ensure admins can, at a glance, view professional staff milestones, such as promotions, pay raises, changes in job titles or departments, and more. These events in the employee’s journey appear in a very visual and easy-to-understand view.


Rewards are an amazing way to show recognition and appreciation to your team in the form of tokens, which can be used to purchase gift cards from leading services. This is a great feature that was designed to serve as a tool for managers that want to incentivize and motivate their workers. The rewards can be offered to one or a few users at once and aren’t limited when it comes to validity.


The recognitions are the perfect feature for managers that want to energize and inspire their employees while making them feel acknowledged and appreciated. The recognitions can range from work-related activities to milestones or even anniversaries. As part of the Basic plan, you can choose any of the three default badges available to you and send them to your chosen employee.

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