Before we’ll dive into each and every one of the features, please be aware that

both administrators and mobile users can setup their own personalized notifications. Any changes you make will apply only to you as an administrator/mobile user.

You can select which notifications you would like to turn on/off so pay close attention to the following instructions:

Here we go!

1. Job Scheduling notifications.

  • Desktop Admin: Access the relevant job schedule -->Options-->Settings-->Notifications and decide which notifications would you, as an admin, like to enable.

  • Mobile app: Access your job schedule→ click on the ⚙︎ and decide which notifications would you like to enable.

2. Time Clock notifications.

Desktop Admin: Access the relevant time clock-->Settings-->Notifications and decide which notifications would you like to enable.

3. Workflows notifications.

Workflows notifications can be controlled only through the mobile app.

Each workflow has its separate notification settings. The way to control the workflow’s notifications is through one of the submissions of that workflow, via the mobile app. This will apply to all notifications of that workflow.

There are 2 types of notifications we can enable/disable:

  • Workflows that have been shared with you:

“Shared with me”: From the main feed→ Profile→”Shared with me”→ -->Click on the 3 dots -->enable/disable notifications.

  • Workflows that you are administering:

Admin tab: Access the Admin Tab→ Click on the workflows folder-->Choose the workflow that you’d like to modify notifications for-->Click on any entry-->Click on the 3 dots -->Notifications.

4. Quick Tasks notifications.

  • Desktop Admin: Click on Options→ Settings-->Notifications

  • Mobile app: Access the Quick tasks feature→ click on ⚙︎

5. Chat notifications.

If you wish to mute a chat conversation, simply press and hold the relevant conversation-->Click on “Mute conversation”

6. All notifications.

If you wish to adjust the mobile app notifications in general: Profile-->Settings-->Disabled.

As an administrator, you will be receiving general emails, i.e; when the first 5 users logged in for the first time, weekly summary, and more great tips on how to better run your business, just to stay on top of things!---> If that bothers you, you can simply click the “unsubscribe” at the bottom of those emails. Users that would like to unsubscribe, will be asked to do the same.

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