How do I Create a Checklist?

Create a checklist with our Form feature

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The Forms feature allows you to create any type of digital report or checklist for your employees to fill in directly from their app. Once the form is filled you can immediately view their entry. It's that simple!

Looking to create a checklist for your employees? The forms feature is a great place to do that! A checklist will allow your employees to follow a list of tasks so that they don't forget anything.

To create a checklist using the Forms feature, follow these simple steps:

  1. Access your Launchpad and click the Forms feature on your sidebar

  2. Click add new.

  3. Select create your own.

  4. Name the Form

  5. Choose the task field

GIF of creating a new form in the Forms feature on Connecteam's admin dashboard

You can click the different fields such as "Task" and "Image Upload" and create a Form checklist. Check out the example below:

GIF of adding a field to a form in the Forms feature on Connecteam's admin dashboard

Pro Tip: Once you finish creating your checklist make sure to get the form entries shared with you! To learn all about our share option check out our Form Share Options article.

Did you know? You can link a checklist to other features in the platform, such as a shift in the Job Scheduler, a task on the Quick Tasks feature, and even more!

Take a look at our article on shortcuts to learn how.

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