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I Created A Form - Can It Be Attached To Other Places In Connecteam?
I Created A Form - Can It Be Attached To Other Places In Connecteam?
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Yes! You can attach the form to other places in Connecteam using the Shortcuts capability.

Using this option will direct your employees to the form you would like them to fill out directly from the feature they are using, ensuring easy access.

Shortcuts can be used in multiple features across the platform. Take a look at the following examples to learn how you can implement this capability in your company:

  • Job Scheduler - Attach a form for employees to fill out while they're on a shift

  • Quick Tasks - Attach an "End of shift" form to a task

  • Updates - Attach a feedback form to an update

  • Events - Attach a food preference form to an event

  • Chat - Attach any kind of form to a chat for easy access

Take a look at how a shortcut looks like from a user's perspective when attached to a shift:

To attach a Form, search for the "Attach" icon, select the shortcut option, select the Form option, and then the form you would like to attach.

Here is an example of how it looks in the Job Schedule:

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*Shortcuts are available from the Expert plan in any feature*

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