The Quick Tasks is a simple and intuitive feature that will allow you to simply assign tasks to specific users at any time from anywhere.

We recognize that creating and delegating tasks can be lengthy and troublesome for many organizations. With quick tasks permissions, you are now able to decide who should be able to create and assign tasks to others through the mobile application.

Setting Your Permissions:

The Quick Permissions can be accessed by going to the Quick Tasks feature on the right sidebar, clicking on options on the top right, and then setting.

Within the task management permissions we give you three different options:

Option 1: Only admins can create tasks for users

This option is for organizations that prefer to keep task creation for managers only and will allow admins and owners to create tasks through the dashboard and mobile and is the default setting for task management.

Option 2: Allow only mobile users designated in the list below to create and assign tasks to other users

This option will allow mobile users selected in the list to create and assign tasks to other users.

Option 3: Allow all users to create and assign tasks to other users, unless they are listed.

This option will quickly allow you to select who will not be able to create tasks out of your users.

Pro Tip: To set up your manager permissions for the dashboard click on category assets.

Please note: The task Management Permissions are available from the Advanced Plan and up.

Now that you know all about setting your quick task permission - go ahead and get started!

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