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Control your notifications from the Notification Center on your mobile

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Have you been receiving too many notifications and feel like you can't follow up? We have the solution for you! Check out our Notifications center where you can control and manage the notifications from all features in one place. This article will introduce you to our Notifications Center from the mobile tab, which is available whether you're an admin or a user.

In this article we will go over:

How to access the Notification Center from your Mobile

To access the notification center on your mobile, click on "profile" on the bottom left. Next, click on "notifications." Here you manage notifications for various features, it's as simple as that!

Pro Tip: The Notification Center is available for admins on the dashboard too! to learn more about it, click here.

The Available Options in the Notification Center

In the notifications center, you will also be able to customize notifications according to the feature that is assigned to you, like the time clock or job schedule. Below we will go over exactly how to set these notifications:

Once accessing the notification center on your mobile, you can choose to enable notifications, mute notifications for an hour, 8 hours, or even two days, alternatively you can choose to disable them. Furthermore, you can choose on what days to set the notifications.

Managing your notification can be done in just one click! opt out of the notifications altogether by toggling off the notification of the entire feature.

If you're assigned to more than one Time Clock or Job Schedule, toggle off the notification per Time Clock or Job Schedule. Simply click on the "Time Clock" or "Job Schedule" and enable or disable the notifications relevant to you.

Customize Job Scheduler Notifications

Customize the Job Schedule notifications and modify which notification to enable or disable, manage it all from the Notification Center by clicking on the Job Schedule that you wish to edit.

Pro tip: To learn more about Time Clock Notifications and Auto Clock Out, click here.

Quick Task Notifications

You can choose to enable or disable notifications for this feature. or, you can click on "Tap for all settings" to manage notifications within the feature, creating an organized and simple flow to manage your notifications by distinguishing notifications about your task and notifications about the tasks you created, in this section, you can choose the default due date after a task was created.

Pro tip: to learn more about Quick Tasks notifications, click here.

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