Time Clock GPS Location Tracking

Receive the location from where a clock in/out was done

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If you wish to see your employees clock in locations, then you've arrived at the right place! Our Time Clock offers a GPS location stamp for the clock in/out.

Allowing you to know the location of where your employees have clocked in or out, allowing you to feel secure and run your business smoother knowing that your employees are at the right place and at the right time.

In this article we will cover:

How to Setup Geo Location

To enable this capability, access the Time Clock, select Settings, and then select Geo Location, as follows:

GIF of setting up geo location in the Time Clock on Connecteam's admin dashboard

Under the Geo Location tab, you will be able to choose if you want the location to be among these options:

  • Required: your employees will have to activate their device's GPS in order to clock in/out.

  • Optional: your employees will be able to clock in/out regardless of having the GPS deactivated in their smartphones.

  • Off: your employees won't need their GPS location turned on at all.

If you've selected the Geo Location as required, and your users have deactivated their GPS, they won't be able to clock in/out.

After selecting the relevant option you want, click on save changes so it would apply to Time Clock.

From their mobile perspective, this is how it would appear:

Screenshot of location services off message in the Time Clock on Connecteam's mobile app

How to View Users' Locations

Once your employees clock in/out, you will be able to see their location stamp in the timesheet.

To do so, simply go to the Today tab or the Timesheet tab and hover your mouse over the employee’s start/end time. Then, the location address will pop up.

You can also do it from the employee’s time card:

GIF of viewing users' locations in the Time Clock on Connecteam's admin dashboard

Did you know? Our Time Clock feature offers more ways to capture your employees location! With abilities such as live tracking you’ll be able to track your employees location and with Geofence you’ll be able to limit where your employees will be able to clock in and out from!

*Geolocation is available from the operations hub basic plan and above*

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