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Where Are My Employees? Check Your Map!

See where your employees are clocking in and out from

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Knowing where employees are is crucial to management. Being able to locate where you employees clocked in and out from, or tracking their live location can be hugely beneficial for many reasons from avoiding time theft to responding appropriately in an emergency. Whether you use Connecteam's GPS location tracking, Geofence, or Breadcrumbs, Connecteam's time clock map display helps you easily locate your employees. You can even see their location for previous days.

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How to Access the Map in the Time Clock

  1. To access the map, click on the Time Clock in the sidebar and select the Today tab.

  2. Scroll down to the map view, to expand the map, click on the Full Map button. You can filter by dates, and tags, and decide if you want to view your employees' location for clock-in or clock-out.

  3. The bubbles on the map with your employee's initials represent an individual employee's location.

In the example below we can see the geo-location is turned on and we are able to see where April and Miranda clocked in and out from

GIF of geo-locations on map in Time Clock on Connecteam's admin dashboard

Please note that viewing the map is only available on the web dashboard and not on the mobile app.

Adjusting Your Map: The Different Options

Click on your employee's name to view their exact location and to view their root, or hover over their name on the map.

Screenshot of employee's location on the map in Connecteam's Time Clock admin dashboard

The map display is adjustable and you can filter the date according to the information you need at the moment.

  1. In the "All activity" button you can choose between all activities or if you only need to see the location of where the users clocked in from the location of where users clocked out from.

  2. You can filter the specific jobs you wish to view on the map from the "all jobs" button

  3. And, if you wish to view the location of where users clocked in or out from in their previous shifts, simply filter out the relevant date, yes, it's that easy!

  4. To view an employee's breadcrumbs (the route they took) click on the blue path icon next to their name.

Screenshot of filtering information on map in Connecteam's Time Clock admin dashboard

If you want a better understanding of exactly where your employees are, you can always turn on our Map Indicators.

  • Choose the Jobs location to pin the Job location that you set up in the jobs settings

  • Choose the Geo fence sites to view the geo fence that you set up in the time clock settings.

  • Choose the Point of interest to view popular locations that google maps offers on the map

Screenshot of map indicators in Connecteam's Time Clock admin dashboard

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