The Time Clock was designed to allow you to easily track the work hours of your team and to make payroll a breeze! From an employee perspective, with just a few clicks employees can clock in and out from their mobile device or desktop and easily document relevant information such as the project they worked on, the equipment used, or the milage spent while on the job/shift. As managers, you can easily see what’s going on with your employees on a daily basis, communicate with your employees, edit their timesheets and when ready, export the information for payroll.

A Complete Experience

Connecteam's Time Clock is also packed with capabilities that will help you manage your employees better:

  • Geolocation will allow you to see your employees location when clocking in and out and Geofencing will ensure that your employees are always clocking in on site.

  • You can Customize Your Time Clock to decide if you wish for it to act as a digital time tracking solution, as a regular timesheet and if requests need to be approved or not.

  • Set up Payroll Reminders to remind your employees and managers to review their timesheets and timesheet requests

  • Breaks - Connecteam supports both paid and unpaid breaks! Your unpaid breaks can also be automatically deducted after a set amount of work hours

  • Connecteam can also send you automatic timesheet reports or user attendance reports

  • Limitations will help you ensure that employees are only clocked in during work hours

To begin utilizing the Time Clock we first recommend setting up your jobs and your payroll period.

User Experience:

As a user, all you need to do to clock in from your mobile device is to click on the Time Clock at the top left of your application > press on the blue “Start Shift” button > select the job that you’re doing and that’s it, your working hours are now being tracked!

For stationary users, you can also log in to our desktop web app version and clock in from there or through our dedicated Kiosk application.

Manager Experience

As a manager, within your Time Clock, you will notice that you have two tabs, the Today tab and the Timesheets tab.

The today tab is where you can oversee your daily operations and see who’s clocked in and to what job, communicate with your employees, or see where they are on the map view.

When you’re ready to prepare for Payroll all that you need to do is head to the Timesheets tab. The dates will automatically reflect your current payroll period which can be defined within the payroll settings and below you’ll see a summary of your employee's totals.

By clicking on an employee, you can enter their personal timesheets where you’ll be able to quickly add, edit or delete any information. In red at the top, you’ll also find the Conflicts tab which will show you if you have any overlaps in hours that could have been requested or approved by mistake by another manager.

Finally, when you’re ready to export the information for payroll, all that you need to do is click on the export button at the top right and select one of the following options:

  • Payroll totals - This excel sheet export contains all of your employee's totals, one row for each employee, similar to the summary view in the timesheets.

  • Timesheets - This excel sheet export goes into more detail and show what each employees has done on a day to day basis.

  • Timesheets PDF - Similar to the Timesheets export, but in a more presentable format which can also contain your different shift attachments, such as a signature.

  • Shift Report - The shift report excel is similar to the timesheets except it shows your employees hours per shift instead of per day. Perfect for companies who have employees that work overnight.

  • Shift Report PDF - Same as the export above, just in a beautiful PDF format.

💡 Tip: We highly recommend reading our detailed article about preparing for payroll with Connecteam before running your first export.

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