The time clock makes it easy to track work hours of your team and It improves your payroll process. Employees can clock-in and clock-out from their mobile device on the go and easily document relevant information such as the project they worked on, the equipment used, or the milage spent conducting the job/shift.

The time-clock lets you:

  1. See the ongoing activity  throughout the day: employee clock-in and out times and locations

  2. Easily export timesheet, whether on the individual shift level or on the summary payroll level for an easy payroll process

  3. Tailor your own settings: customized the time clock settings to meet your needs - overtime, double-time, absences, breaks, and more to meet your compliance requirements.

  4. Understand how much time you worked on different jobs / different projects / different customers etc.

  5. Manage Sick/Absence requests for your employees

  6. Document shift/job-related information such as mileage, equipment, and more.

Stay in Control:

  1. Set geo-location stamp as mandatory: to know the whereabouts of your employees when they clock in or out.

  2. Easily manage employee requests: Employee forgot to clock in? Someone is asking to edit their shift details? An employee is asking for vacation? Easily approve/deny employees requests in a single click.

  3. Assign permissions: have a few managers? let each account for their own teams by controlling their permissions

    Below you'll find a couple of short videos - the first is from a user perspective, the second from an Admin perspective:

So how does it work?

  1. Employees clock in / clock out from their mobile:

2. The information is automatically updated on your dashboard, where you can see and manage all records, and export it in the way that suits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my employees need training to understand how the time clock works?
Absolutely not, using the time clock is easy and intuitive, employees just 'get it', and there's no room for error when using it.

Can I export the data for payroll?
Of course! whether you want to export it as a full timesheet in detail, or in a payroll format you can easily export it in a click, for specific dates, for individuals, or for the entire team.

How can I track work hours done on a specific project / for a specific customer?
You can easily track work hours per customer or project using the time clock jobs. This will provide you with strong insight into where you invest most of your resources.

What if I have different managers and I want each to see just their employees?
Not a problem! You can define your managers' permissions in a way that each will see and manage just their employees.

What happens if an employee leaves the company?
If an employee leaves the company you can archive them, which will result in the deactivation of their mobile account while maintaining all their past records.

How long will the data be stored?
There's no expiration date for your data! As long as your account is active, your data will remain safe and sound.

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