Job Scheduling: Learn How to Import Shifts from Excel

Import bulk of shifts and jobs using an excel (CSV) file and save time on your weekly roster

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Our powerful Job Scheduler makes it effortless to create shifts or dispatch jobs for your team and to make sure they have all the information they need regarding their shifts.

Do you have all of your data already on your computer, just waiting to be uploaded into our platform? Don't outwork yourself by uploading your data one at a time, Save time by importing your shifts and jobs directly into our Job Scheduler!

In this article we will cover:

What could be imported into our Job Scheduler

In order to import your data into our Job Scheduler, firstly, you'll have to download and fill our Excel spreadsheet template. Here's what you import into the spreadsheet:

  • Date of shift or job

  • Start time and end time

  • Title of shift or job

  • Location of shift or job

  • Notes

  • Custom columns (will be added to the shift's notes)

How to import your data

Follow these simple steps in order to import your work into our Job Scheduler, we're going to walk you through the flow of importing your data into the Scheduler.

Step 1: On your dashboard, access the Job Scheduler. Click on "Add", select "Import shifts from Excel"

Screenshot of import shifts from excel button in Connecteam's Job Scheduler admin dashboard

Step 2: Download our excel template

Screenshot of download excel template button in Connecteam's Job Scheduler admin dashboard

Step 3: Edit your excel file. Please note that each row will represent a single shift

Screenshot of excel file from Connecteam's Job Scheduler

Step 4: When you're done, save the file as CSV (Comma Delimited)

Screenshot of CSV file format

Step 5: Upload the CSV file

Screenshot of uploading CSV file to Connecteam's Job Scheduler on the admin dashboard

Step 6: If needed, edit unknown columns:

  1. Add as a new job

  2. Insert to existing job

  3. Ignore the unknown job

Screenshot of editing columns during import in Connecteam's Job Scheduler

Step 7: Review the imported shifts, make edits and add more shifts if needed:

Screenshot of reviewing imported jobs in Connecteam's Job Scheduler admin dashboard

Step 8: Review the summary of your imported shifts and click on "Confirm":

Screenshot of confirm button for job import function in Connecteam's Job Scheduler admin dashboard

Note that all your shifts are now populated in your schedule in draft mode, so you will be able to make final adjustments before publishing the schedule for your employees.

Step 9: Select the Publish option once you are ready:

Please note that importing shifts with an excel file is available from our Advanced plan and above.

Want to learn more about our Operation Hub Advanced plan capabilities? You can learn all about it here!

Need more guidance? 🙋 Our LIVE support team (at the bottom right corner of your screen) replies in under 5 mins to ANY question.

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