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Troubleshooting: I Can't Import Shifts to the Job Schedule
Troubleshooting: I Can't Import Shifts to the Job Schedule
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You are trying to import shifts from Excel to your Job Schedule but for some reason, you are not able to. In this article, we will go through the possible reasons this may happen and what you should do.

Here are the possible reasons you can't import shifts to the Schedule:

The File Isn't in CSV Format

If your file is saved as PDF, Excel, Numbers, etc. you won't be able to import it to the Job Schedule. Make sure to save the file as CSV. We recommend using our template which can be easily found in the Job Schedule feature. Access the relevant scheduler, click on the Add button on the right in the toolbar, click on Import shifts from Excel, and hit "Download" in the instructions modal.

Missing the Whole Columns of Job and Shift Title

If your file is missing the whole columns for "Job" and "Shift title" you won't be able to import. Make sure to add the columns, they can be empty at this stage (in the next step you will have to fill one of them out).

Missing Required Details

Shift titles or Jobs are mandatory and have to appear on the import file. This means that if one of them is filled out and the other isn't, it will work and you will be able to import the shifts. However, if they are both missing information you would need to fill out at least one of them, as you can see in the example below: The last shift on the file was missing both the Shift title and Job, therefor, I need to fill out one of the fields.

The File Contains Jobs that are Not on Your Job Schedule

If you are trying to import shifts that are assigned to Jobs that haven't been created yet on your Job Schedule, you won't be able to import until you decide whether to create this Job as a new one, or you can choose to identify this job as one of your existing jobs, or finally, you could ignore this job. As we can see in the following example I have imported shifts that are assigned to the new job Cleaner, However, I haven't created the job Cleaner in my account yet. Now I will decide how to categorize this job, by clicking on the "Choose or Create" button.

Then, I can decide what to do with this job - add as a new one/ add to existing job/ ignore the job; and then I will be able to import my shifts.

The File Contains a Column for Sub-Jobs

If you are trying to import shifts with sub-jobs, you won't be able to and you will have to decide whether you would like to add the sub-job as a note, add the sub-job to an existing field, or finally, ignore this whole column.

Important Information Regarding Importing Shifts to the Schedule:

  • If the date format of the file doesn't match the date format in your Job Schedule settings - the shift will be imported to the current date of the import and not the date you meant.

    Example: If the settings on the Job Schedule are MM/DD/YYY and I want to import a shift for April 16th, 2024, I should import the shift as 04/16/2024 which is the correct format that matches my Job Schedule settings. However, I imported by accident the shift as 16/04/2024 which is in DD/MM/YYYY format. This means that the shift would be imported to the current day, and will appear on the Job Scheduler on the day I made the import and not on the correct date.

  • If you are importing shifts that have no date at all, the shifts will appear in your schedule under the date on which you imported.

  • The name of a user isn't known - If you have spelled your employee's name wrong by accident, or if you are importing a shift for a user that hasn't been added to your account yet - These shifts will appear as unassigned shifts in the "Users without shifts" row in the scheduler.

  • If your file is missing a start or an end time for shifts - The hours will be added automatically according to the default work hours based on your account settings.

💡Tip: Make sure to use the Excel template we offer in the Import modal, and go over the important notes in the import process, that guide how to import shifts correctly and prevent mistakes:

*Importing shifts to the schedule is available from the Operations Basic Plan and above*

Need more guidance? 🙋 Our LIVE support team (at the bottom right corner of your screen) replies to ANY question.

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