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Can I Customize the Publish Notifications For an Open Shift?
Can I Customize the Publish Notifications For an Open Shift?
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Open shifts are meant for users to claim, so there are no users assigned to them. Since customizing notifications is only available for shifts with users assigned to them then it is not possible to sure customize the notifications for an open shift.

If you would like to use custom notifications then make sure to assign users to the shift before customizing a notification and publishing the shift.

To assign users to an open shift, access your schedule and locate the relevant open shift in the 'Shifts without users' row at the top of the table, and click on it.

Scroll down to the user's assignment box, click on '+ Add users' and click on the users you wish to assign to the shift.

Once the users are assigned, you can now send a customized notification and publish the shift!

To do so, click on the bell icon next to 'Publish' at the bottom of the sidebar.

A module will open up - here you'll be able to set up which of the assigned users you wish to notify, as well as customize the notification message. Click on 'Confirm & publish' and you're done - the shift is published and the notification is sent!

To learn more about customized notifications when publishing shifts, click here.

To learn more about the Job Schedule, click here.

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