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Can I Notify Users That Turned Off Their Job Schedule Notifications?
Can I Notify Users That Turned Off Their Job Schedule Notifications?
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In short yes. If your employees toggled off their notifications from the job schedule feature on their app when you publish the shift and they won't receive a notification regarding the published shift. However, if you decide to customize the notification, a notification will be sent regardless of their notification settings, making sure they don't miss out on anything important.

Customizing a notification for a shift can be done by clicking on the bell icon when creating the shift. Here's how it's done:

Head over to your schedule and add a single shift, either by clicking on 'Add' and then on 'Add single shift' or by clicking on the '+' button when hovering over a user's empty slot on the table.

Fill in the relevant shift details, and when you're done click on the bell icon next to 'Publish' at the bottom. A module will open up - here you'll be able to set up which of the assigned users you wish to notify, as well as customize the notification message. Click on 'Confirm & publish' and you're done - the shift is published and the notification is sent!

To learn more about customized notifications when publishing shifts, click here.

To learn more about the Job Schedule, click here.

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