The Time Off feature was designed to help you manage your employee's Time off accurately. It integrates with its all-and-one platform, providing full digitization of the time-off process with no calculations needed, and is completely transparent to both you and your employees making the management process easier than ever.

While approved time off and trends can be seen in the dashboard, we understand that you may want to export information for compliance, an external payroll software, or anything else. In this article, we will go over how to export time off in different formats to meet your exact business needs.

How to Export Time Off

To export time off navigate to the time off feature on the left sidebar. Once inside in the top right corner is the export button, select this and choose from one of the export options.

The Export Options

The two export options are export time off hours and export totals. Let's go over the differences.

  • Export Time Off Hours this option includes a breakdown of all the approved time off per a policy type. You'll see the paid and unpaid hours for each time off policy type per employee. Take a look at how this report looks below.

    Time off hours export in connecteam

  • Export Totals - this option exports information per employee and their policy types. For each employee, you'll see the total number of requests submitted, total approved hours, and the remaining balance each employee has for each policy type. Take a look at how this report looks below.

Time off totals export in connecteam

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