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Where Can I See a Report of Time Off for the Month?
Where Can I See a Report of Time Off for the Month?

Find and review your monthly Time Off report

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You can easily get the report of your monthly Time Off directly from the Time Off feature.

Navigate to Time Off from the main sidebar --> Under the Approved Time Off Tab choose the relevant month (for example, to see a report on March 2024 select March 1st to 31st 2024) --> Choose the type of policy (or all policies) you want to review --> Click the export button and choose one of the 2 export options:

  • Export Time Off Hours - This option will include a breakdown of all the approved time off per employee. Each line will represent a day the employee took time off.

  • Export Totals - This option exports information per employee and their policy types. You'll see the total approved hours and the remaining balance each employee has for each policy type.

To learn more about Time Off export and the different types of exports, check out this article.

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