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What are the Benefits of Using Connecteam’s Recognition?
What are the Benefits of Using Connecteam’s Recognition?
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There are many benefits to users of the recognition feature. Research shows that companies that recognize their employees' accomplishments and milestones have a lower turnover rate and overall happier employees. Connecteam’s recognition feature streamlines the process of recognizing employees making it easier for any manager to handle all aspects of employee recognition and motivation.

For admins, the benefits of using the feature are:

  • It is easy to send recognition to one or multiple employees

  • You can add a personal message to the recognized employee with pictures, gifs, etc.

  • Creating a sense of visibility for employees who do not work at the same site

  • Choosing which employee will celebrate with the one who is recognized. Employees, a team, a department, or even the company as a whole

  • Create custom badges that speak the company's language and represent its values

For Employees, the benefits include:

  • Seeing all the recognition they have received

  • Celebrating with other employees’ recognitions

If you want to learn more about the recognition feature click here

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