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Employee Engagement and Recognitions: Your employees are celebrating their birthdays, work anniversaries, wedding, or maybe their newborns? 🥳 This is what you need to do!
Employee Engagement and Recognitions: Your employees are celebrating their birthdays, work anniversaries, wedding, or maybe their newborns? 🥳 This is what you need to do!

5 steps you need to do when your employees are celebrating their special days.

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Employees' special days are a great opportunity for you to show you care about them, take a personal interest in their life, and recognize them for their hard work. Recognizing your employees' special events can make a difference in how they think about their workplace.

Studies show that companies that communicate positively with their employees and appreciate their milestones, increase their sense of visibility and belonging and dramatically lower employee turnover rates.

Before we get started take a look at our webinar on employee engagement and recognition to learn more about why engaging and appreciating employees is so important.

For this reason, we created 5 steps you can take in Connecteam when a special day occurs in your employee’s life, such as birthdays, work anniversaries, weddings, or newborns.

🎊 Step 1: Celebrate your employees' birthdays and work anniversaries using the Celebrations feature.

Connecteam’s "Celebrations" feature, will make sure you will always be aware of your employees' birthdays and work anniversaries and that your company is prepared to celebrate with each employee. You will be able to send a personalized message to your employees and make them feel special and appreciated during their celebration day.

All you need to do is first activate the Celebrations feature and update your employees’ Custom fields on the user page with the dates of their birthdays and work anniversaries.

After accessing the Celebration feature on the admin tab, the birthday and work anniversary celebrations of users that take place today and tomorrow appear. With the filter, you can get a list of all the celebrations according to the date range you have chosen, the type of celebration, and if you have already formulated and prepared a personal message for it.

Every very day a new celebration update will pop up on the users feed again at the beginning of the day.

The user celebrating the birthday or anniversary will receive the notification as soon as he opens the mobile app on the day of his celebration This way, they cannot miss this special event created for them.

Click HERE to learn more about Celebrations.

📣 Step 2: Congratulate your employee’s special day by publishing an Update regarding it to the whole company.

Congratulating your employees on their special days requires little effort, and yet, could be very meaningful to them and make their day better.

In just a few clicks, you can send your appreciation and congratulations to your employees, about their new engagement, wedding, newborn and any other special day, with Connecteam’s Updated feature.

Think of the Update Feature as your social wall, where other users can like and comment on your update and engage with one another.

Trust us, sending an update will make your employees feel recognized, motivated, and a part of your workplace family.

Click HERE to learn more about Updates.

🎁 Step 3: Send a present to your employees’ using the Rewards feature, to celebrate their special day.

In companies with a positive working environment, gifts for employees are a longstanding tradition. Giving gifts to employees enhances their organizational loyalty, reduces turnover costs, and encourages good relationships between the management and their teams.

The rewards feature is a great way to show your appreciation and recognition of your employees on their Special day. This is a way to provide a present to your employees and to motivate their work, in the form of Tokens, which can be used to purchase gift cards.

Rewarding your employees will increase employee engagement and will help to create a more positive overall workplace.

Click Here to learn how to send Rewards.

🪅 Step 4: Organize a party to celebrate your employees’ special day with the Event feature.

Break up the monotonous daily work and bring some fun to the workplace!

Get your employees excited and create a party just for them, to celebrate their important milestones. Creating a party to Celebrate special events such as birthdays, work anniversaries, or employee retirement, has the valuable business benefit of increasing morale. It makes people feel recognized and brings staff together, both of which help to form deeper relationships between team members across the workplace.

In just a few clicks, using the Events feature, you will be able to create your company party information, notify employees about the date, time & location, manage, track attendance and communicate about internal events.

Click HERE to learn more about the Events feature.

📷 Step 5: Share your company photos from your celebrations in the Knowledge Base feature.

Ensure your company celebrations are documented and accessible for your employees to view, in the Knowledge Base feature.

Now, you can make sure that everyone, regardless if they attended or not the company party, will be able to view the pictures from that special day.

In just a few clicks, you are able to share your memorable moments with your colleagues and bring a smile to your employees' faces.

In the Knowledge base feature, you can create separate sections for each company event you have, and put all the content in each of them folders, pictures, text, links, or documents.

Click Here to learn how to create a Knowledge Base.

✳️ This article’s purpose is to boost your creativity on what can be done using Connecteam as an all-in-one solution. It is important for us to say that depending on your company size, event complexity, and more, not every step might be relevant to you.

Need more guidance? 🙋 Our LIVE support team (at the bottom right corner of your screen) replies in under 5 mins to ANY question!

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