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Communication Hub - The Expert Plan

Learn about all of our Expert Plan capabilities that are available on the Communication Hub - 7 min read

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Connecteam's mission has been to develop a platform that is designed to provide you with a complete all-in-one solution to manage your employees and save you both time and money. Connecteam is therefore split into three different Hubs: The Operations Hub, Communication Hub, and HR & Skills Hub. Each hub is also split into different plans, the Free, Basic, Advanced, and Expert Plan, all of which open up an array of opportunities in the shape of capabilities, depending on the plan that you're on. To make life easier, we've created a guide for each hub and the different tools and capabilities that exist on each plan:

  • Operations Hub: Basic, Advanced, Expert

  • Communication Hub: Basic, Advanced, Expert

  • HR & Skills Hub: Basic, Advanced, Expert

Now, for those of you who are looking to take your communication to the next level, then our Communication Hub Plan has a ton of capabilities to offer your business. To begin, the Communication Hub consists of the following features:

The Expert Plan promises to take save you both time and energy and helps you plan your communication to engage with your employees like never before. Now, let's dive into each feature and go over the main capabilities that the Expert Plan offers:


Shortcuts - Similar to the chat shortcuts, you can share an update on the company feed with a link to your new company policy or a reminder to sign up for an event that you've created.

Scheduled Updates - Instead of posting your updates on the spot you can now schedule them ahead of time!

Recurring Updates - Combining all of these capabilities, you can also have an update recur every quarter for say a quarterly survey that you've created.

Custom Publisher - Instead of publishing as a user, you can create a custom publisher and publish the update from the HR Team or your company.

Multiple Attachments - Want to spice up your updates? On the Expert Plan, you can combine two different attachments such as an image and a gif, or a file and a video!


Shortcuts - This will allow you to send a deep link to another feature within Connecteam such as a form to fill out or link to a training course to complete

Knowledge Base

10 GB Storage - Get twice as much storage as on the Advanced Plan


Shortcuts - Is there a registration form you wish your employees to fill out? Create a form, ask questions such as what dietary requirements your employees have and attach it in a shortcut


All capabilities that exist on the Basic and Advanced Plan are available on the Expert Plan.


All capabilities that exist on the Basic and Advanced Plan are available on the Expert Plan.

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