The HR Hub’s Expert Plan will enable you to manage HR-related matters and streamline employee engagement with the most time-saving HR capabilities.

The Courses Feature:

With the Courses feature on the Expert Plan, you will be able to fully customize courses and monitor your employees’ progress.

You can divide each course into sections and upload objects such as different media types and forms for each of them.

On the Expert Plan, you will be able to control the course’s timing for employees in two ways:

  • “Hierarchy”

  • “On date”

"Hierarchy" allows you to decide the order of the course’s sections and objects. There are two options:

  • “After previous” which means the chosen section or object will be available for the employee only after completing the previous object

  • “None” which means that the chosen section or object will be available for the employee regardless of the completion of the previous object

“On date” allows you to make each course’s section & object available, either from a certain date or always.

To learn more about Courses, click here.

The Documents Feature:

Require manager review for uploaded documents: On the Expert Plan, not only will you be able to manage all your employees’ important documents in one convenient place, but as an admin, you will also be able to approve or reject documents. Employees will be notified immediately if any modifications or additional documents are necessary.

In the Documents feature, to enable the review process for uploaded documents, click on “Settings”, go to the relevant form, and click on “Settings”. Make sure to mark “Require review for uploaded documents” on the bottom of the screen.

To learn more about Documents, click here.

The Timeline Feature:

Shortcuts: use in-app links to jump to other features on the platform.

The Timeline feature consists of important professional events and milestones for each employee, such as promotions, a raise, or a change in teams or departments.

These milestones might be based on information that exists in other features in the platform. For example, when managers conduct employee evaluations, instead of wasting valuable time explaining to your managers what form they need to fill or where it is, you can link the form to the timeline using a Shortcut.

To add a Shortcut to a Timeline event, go to your employee’s timeline, click on “+Add event”, click on “Attach” under the “Description” box, click on “Shortcut”, choose the relevant feature and click on “Add event”:

To learn more about Shortcuts, click here.

To learn more about Timeline, click here.

The Recognitions Feature:

On the HR Hub’s Expert Plan, you are able to create, manage and edit Recognitions badges.

Badges are sent to employees to recognize merits and achievements. For example, if you want to acknowledge an employee for their outstanding performance, you can do that by creating custom badges to send.

To create a badge in the Recognitions feature, click on “Badges library” click on “Create badge” select a badge for the library, name it, and choose the relevant topic. Then click on “Create badge”. The badge will be saved to send out whenever you want.

To learn more about Recognitions, click here.

Custom Publisher:

On the Expert Plan, you are able to choose who publishes each feature on behalf of the company, such as management or a specific department. This way, you’ll show your employees the company’s appreciation.

You can create Custom Publishers in general settings. At the top right of the platform click on your avatar/name, click on “Settings” and then on the “Publish settings” tab. To add more publishers, click on the “Add publishers”. Finally, choose the name of the publisher and which users can use it.

  • Rewards Custom Publisher: Using the Custom Publisher you can send Rewards to employees on behalf of the entire company, management, or the HR department.

In the Rewards feature, click on “Send tokens”, choose the relevant employee, click on “Next step” and pick the custom publisher in the “Tokens will be sent from” bar:

To learn more about Rewards, click here.

Search Anything:

Using the search bar at the top of the screen you can quickly find anything you need.

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