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How will Daylight Saving Time Affect Shifts in the Job Scheduler?
How will Daylight Saving Time Affect Shifts in the Job Scheduler?
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Daylight Saving Time (“DST”) is the practice of moving the clocks forward one hour from Standard Time during the summer months and changing them back again in the fall. Daylight Savings Time begins and ends on different dates and times in each time zone.

While Daylight Savings affects every clock on your mobiles, PCs, and other technological devices and adjusts the time automatically, it won't affect the start and end times of the shifts you create in the Job Scheduler.

When you create your shifts on Daylight Saving Time, regardless of the timezone you are in, the start and end hours should be the correct hours that in reality, you would like the shift to occur. Daylight Saving Time shouldn't affect the hours you determine the shift will be at.

Daylight Saving Time will only affect the shift length of the shifts that you will create as overnight shifts start the night before the Daylight Saving Time date.

For example, in London, Daylight Saving is at 2:00 am on October 29th. When I create an overnight shift that starts on October 28th at 8:00 pm and ends on October 29th at 8:00 am the shift length should be on a usual day 12 hours. However, on this specific date, the shift length is 13 hours due to "falling back" an hour from 02:00 am back to 01:00 am London time. You will see that a pop-up appears indicating that Daylight Saving Time occurs during this shift.

Examples of Daylight Saving Time changes in different countries

DST start

DST end

Australia (Except Queensland, Northern Territory, and Western Australia)

Sunday, October 1

Sunday, April 2

United States (Except Hawaii, and most of Arizona)

Sunday, March 12

Sunday, November 5

United Kingdom

Sunday, March 26

Sunday, October 29


Sunday, March 26

Sunday, October 29


Friday, March 24

Sunday, October 29

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