How to Upload a User's Profile Picture

Learn how to change your employees' profile pictures for them

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Adding a profile picture helps you and your workforce identify one another and build team familiarity. If you have employees who haven't uploaded a profile picture or if you'd like them to change their picture, you can save everyone time and hassle by uploading employee profile pictures on their behalf.

To upload a user's profile picture, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Users tab on the sidebar and click on a user's profile.

  2. Hover over the user's profile photo and click on Edit image.

  3. Choose an image from your computer.

  4. Adjust the image to your liking, and click Submit.

💡 Tip: Only owners and admins with 'Add & Edit' permissions in the Users tab can edit users' profile pictures.

Please note: This capability is only available on the web app.

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