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Can Certain Employees Be Excluded From Geofencing and Clock In From Anywhere?
Can Certain Employees Be Excluded From Geofencing and Clock In From Anywhere?
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When you create a geofence site for a job in a time clock, you limit employees who use that time clock from clocking in/out of that job only if they are in the geographical zone related to that specific job. As such, you cannot exclude some employees from the geographical requirement, because it is tied to the job itself.

Instead, there are a few workarounds that might help you out:

Create a New Job Not Attached to a Fence,

If you want some employees to not be restricted to a geofence, you can create a new job and only qualify those specific employees who should be able to clock in from anywhere for it. This will result in there being Job X which is attached to a geofence and Job Y which is not. For example, if you are a construction company you might have a job called roofing you can create a job Roofing A, qualify your construction works, and attach it to a geofence associated with a specific construction site. Then you could ahve another job called Roofing B and qualify only for the construction workers who are not required to be at a specific site to clock it. Since Roofing B is not attached to a site these workers can clock in from anywhere, while those clocking into Roofing A will need to be on site.

💡Tip: Keep in mind, that all users under this time clock will still be required to share their location to clock in/out, regardless of whether their job is geofenced.

Create a New Time Clock

Alternatively, you can create separate time clocks: 1 for your users who are beholden to geofence sites and are required to share their location to clock in/out and 1 for users who are not. You can create another Time Clock by clicking on Add New in the Time Clock Lobby.

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