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How are Breadcrumbs Different From Geo-fences?
How are Breadcrumbs Different From Geo-fences?
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While Geo-fences allow you to create a radius around a specific address and ensure that employees are clocking in from the correct location and nowhere else, the Breadcrumbs capability allows you to track your employees on the go!

When Geo-fences are set up in your Time Clock, in order for employees to clock into a job they must be qualified and be within that specific fence, or else the job will not appear for them to clock in.

Geo-fences are assigned to Jobs - so a Job with no Geo-fence would enable users to clock into it from anywhere.

Taking the example we're using - when your employees are within the first site, they will see Project A and when they are within the second site they will see Project B. Driving will always appear on the list of jobs to clock in for, as it is not assigned to any Geo-fence.

Screenshot of geofences in Connecteam

If you have activated the Breadcrumbs capability and your employees have clocked in, you will be able to see your employees on the map in the Time Clock's Today Tab. By toggling the All button, you can toggle on and off everyone's trails. You can also view the trail for a specific employee and click any employee to get more details about their clock-in and clock-out locations.

GIF of viewing Breadcrumbs

It is important to note: Breadcrumbs apply no limitation whatsoever - they only require the user to turn on location services on their device. If Breadcrumbs are turned on but there is no active Geo-fence site, users will be able to clock in to any job they are qualified for, from anywhere.

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