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How do 'Switch Jobs' Work with Our Geofences?
How do 'Switch Jobs' Work with Our Geofences?
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The "Switch Jobs" capability enables your users to transition between different jobs without the requirement to clock out and then clock back in. This streamlines the process, making it more convenient for both your users and you as the manager to handle their timesheets effectively.

Users will be able to use "Switch Jobs" on their mobile app only for jobs connected to their current geofence, or jobs without a geofence. Meaning, when you set up Geofences rules, they will apply to all jobs that are linked to the specific geofence.

When a user wants to switch the job he is clocked in to for a new job, they will access the Time Clock and click on "Switch Job". Below the title "Select a job to switch to," a dropdown menu will present a list of applicable jobs for them to pick from. These options will include any jobs they qualified for within the current geofence they are in and jobs that aren't geofence-restricted.

To learn more about switching jobs click here. To learn more about Geofencing click here

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