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The Chat Settings: Sharing Permissions
The Chat Settings: Sharing Permissions
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The Chat is a great way to communicate with your workforce. It's easy and instant and lets you keep everything related to your company's communication in one app. The chat-sharing permissions allow you to control what information sent on the chat can be shared outside of the Connecteam app, or even within different chats inside the app.

In this article, we will specifically go over the Sharing Permissions capability inside the chat settings. If you are looking to learn about the Chat Permissions click here.

Why Use Sharing Permissions

Since these permissions determine if information such as images, files, or messages can be shared outside of the app it's incredibly important to turn them on or off depending on your needs. If you are a company sending sensitive information across the chat you may not want it to be shared outside the company's app or even to other chats within the company. This can be incredibly important if you are a healthcare company for example that needs to abide by HIPPA or other privacy regulations. On the other hand, you may have a more relaxed company vibe and not mind if employees share things for the chat. It's all up to you.

Setting Sharing Permissions

To set up permissions, navigate to the chat, click on the settings icon, then click on the sharing permissions on the left sidebar. Toggle on or off the relevant permissions and save changes.

What Permissions Can Be Set

Under the sharing permissions, three options can be either toggled on or off to suit your company's needs. These are:

  • Users can forward messages and file attachments to other group chats and private conversations within the app

  • Users can share file attachments outside the app

  • Users can download and save images and videos shared in chat conversations.

Note that these permissions apply to the entire chat feature, and can not be applied to specific individual, team chat, or channels.

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