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What is the Difference Between a New and an Existing Document in a Pack?
What is the Difference Between a New and an Existing Document in a Pack?
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The difference between a new document and an existing document lies in its source. 

A new document refers to one that does not currently exist in any of your packs. This is a completely fresh document that you need to create, often because you require new information or documentation from your employees that hasn't been collected before.

However, an existing document has already been created and is part of one of your existing packs. When you create a new pack or edit an existing one, you have the option to include an existing document by selecting it from the documents you already have. This is particularly useful for reusing documents across multiple packs without having to recreate them.

Let's look at an example

Imagine you currently have two packs, each containing four documents, giving you a total of eight documents in your Documents feature, as illustrated in the image below.

Let's say that you wish to create a new pack for Drivers that includes two specific documents: their driver's license and their emergency contact.

  • The Driver's license document does not yet exist in any of your packs, so you need to add the driver's license as a new document and create it from scratch.

  • The Emergency Contact document already exists in the pack 'HR Personnel Document', so you need to add it to the new Drivers pack as an existing document and select it from there. If any user has already uploaded a file to it, it will be displayed in the new Drivers pack.

By understanding whether you need a new or an existing document, you can streamline the process of creating and managing packs, ensuring that all necessary documents are included without unnecessary duplication.

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