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The General Settings
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When creating an account on Connecteam, it's important to set up all of your account's General Settings. In this article, we will focus on the General tab to ensure it is configured to meet your needs, allowing you to properly implement your account.

This article covers:

How to Account's General Settings

To access the "General" tab under the account's general settings, click on your name/avatar in the top right corner, then select Settings, and make sure to navigate to the General tab.

Please note: the General tab is available to all owners and admins

The General Tab

The selected settings under the General tab serve as the foundation of your account and significantly impact how your account is built. In the General tab, you'll be able to customize and view the following:

Company Details

  • Company Name - you can change it whenever you desire

  • Company Code - this code is unique for every company

  • Language - when you adjust Connecteam's dashboard language, your dashboard will be the only one affected. If another admin wishes to change their dashboard language too, they will need to access their General settings and adjust it. These are the available languages on the dashboard. Note that the language settings on the Connecteam mobile app will adjust based on your device's language settings.

    • English

    • עברית

    • عربى

    • 繁體中文

    • Española

    • Français

    • Português

    • Pусский

    • Ελληνικά

    • Deutsch

    • Svenska

    • Netherlandic

    • Italiano

    • Danish

    • Japanese

    • Polski

  • Allow auto-translation on updates - when this option is enabled, users can read the updates on their feed in their native language.

  • Invitation to join the app for imported users via CSV or an integration - this option allows you to send an invite with a link to join the app at a specific time you select and with a customized message to users that have been imported via CSV or an integration. 

*The automatic translation on updates is only available from the Expert plan under the Communications hub*


  • Time zone - please note that the time zone settings on the Connecteam mobile app will adjust based on your device's time zone settings.

  • Time format - you can choose for the account to be set to 12-hour or a 24-hour format

  • Date format - you can choose for the account to be set to MM/DD/YYYY or to DD/MM/YYY

  • Length format - you can choose for the account to be set to Feet or Meters

Other Apps You Use

Connecteam is focused on streamlining your workflow by seamlessly connecting your tools and is always striving to grow, improve, and release features that serve customers' needs. Therefore, this section under the General tab gathers valuable feedback on possible future integrations. Divided by different categories, you can let us know your favorite apps and we'll prioritize integrating them to save you time and hassle.

Our categories are payroll software, invoice software, CRM software, communications software, and website management software. When reviewing them, you will find a dropdown list with the most popular requests, but more suggestions are always welcomed and encouraged. If you don't see your favorite app on the existing list, please feel free to click on + Add other app and write the name of the app you want to have integrated with Connecteam in the future.

💡Tip: Click here to learn more about the payroll integrations we currently offer.

Need more guidance? 🙋 Our LIVE support team (at the bottom right corner of your screen) replies to ANY question.

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