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Updates: Automatic Translation
Updates: Automatic Translation

How to set up Connecteam's auto translate capability

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Connecteam's updates features allow you to reach every single employee with company news and updates. Providing your employees with a social media-style company feed that is mobile-first will boost engagement and help keep everyone up to date. In just a few clicks you can post an update, add a gif, or image, or attach a form; and with scheduled publishing or selective assignment, you can reach the right employees at the right time.

A part of keeping everyone up to date is ensuring that employees can read updates in their native language. If you post an update, but your employees are unable to understand it then this feature has lost its value in helping you run your business. With our 'Auto Translate' capability employees can read updates in their native language. Best of all, it's no extra work for you the Admin.

Now let's get started! In this article we will go over:

How Do I Activate Auto Translate?

When creating an update you will easily be able to active auto-translate and there are two ways to do so. Let's go over both options below.

From the Updates Feature:

After you have designed your update, you will set the update's custom publisher settings before clicking publish. Here, is where you can set up auto-translate, simply clicking on "enable now." Take a look at how this looks below:

From the General Settings:

Navigate to the general settings by entering your avatar in the upper right-hand corner, click on settings, and navigate to the general tab. Then check the allow auto-translation on updates and save changes.

💡Tip: Once you have activated the auto-translation it applies to all future and past updates. You will not need to activate it each time you are publishing an update.

What Does Auto Translate Look Like When Reading Updates?

When reading an update employees will see a button with says "See Translation" which will be displayed in the user's language. They will simply click on that button and the update will translate to the language set on the employee's device (phone or browser).

Take a look at how this looks below for both mobile apps and the employee dashboard.

From the Mobile App

From the Employee Dashboard

Frequently Asked Questions

What do my employees need to do in order to activate auto-translate?

Nothing, that's the beauty of auto-translate. As long as the employee's device is in a language other than the one the update is posted in the see translate option will be available to them. Let's look at an example: My phone is set to Italian, but my company published an update in English - I will see the see translation option.

Does auto-translation cost extra?

Auto translate is available from the Communications Hub Expert plan and above, but it does not cost anything extra.

Need more guidance? 🙋 Our LIVE support team (at the bottom right corner of your screen) replies to ANY question.

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