Manually adding many users can be a tedious task. Especially when you lack users' information. With our invite link, we spare you the hassle.

Using the invite link enables you to let your employees or any future users input their own personal information before joining the app. All this is done through a simple URL link that could be sent via text message or email, be placed on your website/ landing page, Facebook or LinkedIn, etc.

Another common use case would be if one of your users is not responding to the SMS invite and you need another way of reaching the user.

Let's walk through the ins and outs of this simple and easy process, using the Web dashboard and the mobile app.

From the Web Dashboard:

Step one: Decide what information you want to gather from your users.

The information fields will be based on the custom fields on the user page.

  1. Go to the Users tab.

  2. Click the “Get invite link” icon located in the top right corner of the screen.

  3. Choose which information you want to receive from the future user.

  • First name, last name and phone number, are always required fields.

  • By clicking the left boxes, you can choose which information fields your user will be asked to fill.

  • Marking a field as required will prevent the user from sending in the application without filling in the relevant information.

Step 2: Preview, copy and send/paste anywhere for your users

  1. See exactly how your submission form will look like for your users by clicking on the preview button".

  2. Choose “Copy” to copy the URL address for the link.

  3. Paste and send to your relevant users or paste on your website for applicants to click and apply.

Step 3: Accepting and rejecting applications

Once your users start sending in their requests to join your app, you and your admins will be notified and will be able to view, edit, accept, or reject all applications.

Send your new users an invitation to join your app by checking the “Send an invite” button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

From the Mobile phone:

  1. Go to the Admin Tab.

  2. Choose Users and Admins in the top right corner.

  3. Choose the add users icon located in the bottom right.

  4. “Send Users an Invite link”.

  5. Choose preview or copy to share with your future users.

Now that you’ve gathered all relevant information about your users, your database is complete. You are now ready to launch your app and start engaging with your users.


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