Our chat is a great way to communicate with your workforce. It's easy and instant!

You just need to activate the Chat from the LaunchPad. The chat is available in the app and on the desktop for mobile users and admins. In this article, we will go over how to activate the chat, the types of chats you can create, and the chat settings.

To activate the chat enter launchpad, go to the left sidebar, to the Company Chat feature, and activate the chat.

There are 3 types of Chat that you can use depending on your objectives:

1. New Chat:

This one-on-one chat allows you to communicate with a single employee or admin. Share instant information with a mobile user or admin or clarify shifts by immediately chatting with a mobile user or admin. In an individual chat, both people can read and write in the chat.

2. New Team:

Team chat allows you to create groups and share relevant information with each other. All team members have the ability to see and respond to messages. You can create a new team chat for certain users by choosing select users or you can use the smart groups you have already created.

When you create a new team chat, make sure you choose a name for the group.

When assigning a team chat it can be assigned to either specific users or to smart groups below we will go each option.

When do I use Smart Groups?

If you want to create a Team Chat for a group of employees like Center Branch Chat, Smart Groups will be your choice. By using smart groups the Team Chat will be available to current and future users that match the group's set rules.

If a user is added or removed from a smart group, the system will automatically remove or add the mobile user to the Team Chat. You don't need to worry about adding new employees or removing employees that left the company.

When do I use Select Users?

If you want to create a Chat with existing users, but are not part of a specific group you can use the Select Users option. After choosing the select users option you can manually add the Users you want to be a part of the Team Chat.

3. New Channel

A channel is a one-way communication with your employees. If you want a chat just to share information, without the ability for mobile users to comment, you should choose this option. Just like Team Chats, Channels can also be assigned to Smart Groups or Individual Users.

On a channel, you can also enable the option to message anonymously on a channel. This option will allow all the admins of the channel including the channel's creator to share messages anonymously.

Pro Tip: All those who are set as an admin to the Channel can send messages in the channel. If you would only like the group’s creator to be able to send messages in the Channel, then be sure only they are set as the Channel’s admin. As seen in the image below, setting the admins is the final step before publishing a Team Chat or a Channel.

Chat Settings

In order to determine your Chat settings, simply click on the Chat tab on the left sidebar, on the chat tab click Options, then select Settings.

Mobile users chatting options

The mobile users' chatting options allow admins to choose whether mobile users are able to create chats or not, and in the case with who.

By choosing the first option, a mobile user can start a chat with anyone, except for certain selected users who will not be able to start a private conversation. Admins choose who these selected users are.

By choosing the second option, a mobile user will be able to start a chat only with selected users.

Mobile user's team options

The mobile users' teams options allow admins to choose whether mobile users can create team chats or not.

By choosing the first option, a mobile user will be able to create teams, except for selected users that will not be able to create teams.

By choosing the second option, mobile users will not have the possibility to create teams, except for selected users that will be able to create teams.

for selected users that will be able to create teams.

Default sharing settings

These enable you as an admin to set limitations on if users are able to share images and videos from the company app to other platforms (for example Facebook or Whatsapp). This allows you to decide if users can forward messages or attachments from one chat to another in the app.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I don’t want users to be able to start a chat with the company’s owner, how can I do that?

You can do this by going to the Chat settings, to the Mobile Users Chatting Options, and selecting the option mobile Users can start a chat with anyone, but can’t start a chat with Select Users. Then make sure the company’s owner is set as one of these select users.

Can Users or Admins delete a chat message?

Yes, both Users and Admins can delete chat messages.

To delete a message, please access the Chat from your sidebar, select the relevant conversation, and hover your cursor over the Chat message you wish to delete then press delete for everyone.

Am I able to see if a user read my message?

Yes, you can if the user's message has two checkmarks next to it, then it means it has been read.

What are Chat Reactions?

Chat reactions allow you to respond or "react" to a message without having to send a replay, simply long-press on the message you want to react to and then choose your reaction. In group chats, this can be a great way for users to show support or excitement for one another without flooding the group with messages. Take a look at how reacting to a message looks below!

Can I read or manage what is going on individual chats between employees?

No, chat messages between individual users are private messages and can not be viewed by anyone else.

Can I manage Team Chats or Channels that I am not a part of and not an Admin in?

Yes, you can! Here at Connecteam, we want to make sure that you always have ultimate control of your company's communication. If you are assigned as an admin on the Chat feature we give you the capability to manage Team Chats and Channels even if you did not create them, or a not an admin of those chats.

To do this enter the Chat feature on your Launchpad, head to the Manage Teams and Channels Tab, and manage away!

Can I forward a Chat Message?

Yes, you can!

To forward a message on the desktop, hover your mouse over the message you wish to forward and click on the three dots that appear, select forward and choose the User, Team Chat, or Channel you wish to forward it to.

To forward a message in the mobile app, long-press the message you wish to forward, and a menu of options will appear, select forward a message and choose the User, Team Chat, or Channel you wish to forward it to.

Still, have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us, our customer support team will be happy to answer your questions and help set your app to fit your team’s needs like a glove!

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