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The Advanced plan is the preferred plan of most of our customers due to its many capabilities, easiness of use, bulk actions, and time-saving qualities. This article will focus on our Advanced HR Hubs - new features we have released in order to help our customers with their hiring, managing, and onboarding processes. Below you will find the breakdown of the new Advanced HR Hubs.

The Time Off Feature

Manage your employee's Time Off Accurately with our Time Off feature. Connecteam's time-off feature integrates with its all-and-one platform, providing full digitization of the time-off process with no calculations needed. It's completely transparent to both you and your employees making the management process easier than ever. With the time off you can create different kinds of paid and unpaid policies. You can choose to create policies without balance management and tracking, or minimize the hustle to zero and let us do the calculation for you with our balanced management for your employee's Time Off.

  • On the Advanced Plan, you can create up to 9 time-off policies with balance management and tracking

  • Created unlimited policies without balance management and tracking.

  • Require Admins approval for each request, making sure each request goes through a manager's hands.

  • Set a carryover limit allowing users to transfer time off from one year to the next.

Pro Tip: to learn more about the Time Off feature, click here.


Our courses feature enables admins to create their own digitalized courses and training, which users can simply access from the mobile app. It can easily be used for building onboarding courses, creating training, or simply structuring different work processes. The feature allows admins to get creative with the way in which they use it and the users will be able to access it from their mobile app.

  • The Advanced Plan allows admins to create as many courses as they want which can then be organized in multiple sidebar categories.

  • Another great advantage of the plan is the admin’s full access to add different resources to the course (videos, links, quizzes, forms),

  • Admins have complete control over all the settings, and can even duplicate courses.


A feature that was specially designed to help and make it easier for managers of desk-less employees to receive, manage and store all employees’ documents (contracts, tax forms, personal forms, COVID certificates, licenses, etc.). Our feature will replace the hard copies of all your documents and ease the process of sending and submitting papers inside your business.

  • Advanced Documents capabilities include an unlimited number of packs or folders that admins can create ( HR pack, onboarding pack, etc) and, on top of that, an unlimited number of documents that can be uploaded in each of these packs. That will basically allow admins to store a high volume of documents, without worrying about any limitations.

  • As an owner of our Advanced plan, you are in full control of the Admin permissions, meaning you will be able to customize the settings in the best way according to your preferences. The owner can decide which admin will have access to certain documents and will be able to limit what each admin can see.

  • The admin will be able to decide if the documents will be visible in the mobile app if the users can upload them through their phones, and even make the documents required if they want to.


The timeline will allow managers to create and view the road maps of their employees and, at a glance, present their professional milestones.

The biggest value of the timeline is the easiness with which admins can view the professional journey of their users. The timeline view is intuitive, very visual, and easy to access. A manager can quickly see when an employee last had a raise, a promotion, or moved between different teams or departments.

  • As an Advanced capability, admins can fill in descriptions of the events added to a user’s timeline and can even attach images or files. These attachments can then be easily accessed by other admins if needed, offering transparency among the different managers a user might have.


Rewards are an amazing way to show recognition and appreciation to your team in the form of tokens, which can be used to purchase gift cards from leading services. This is a great feature that was designed to serve as a tool for managers that want to incentivize and motivate their workers. The rewards can be offered to one or a few users at once and aren’t limited when it comes to validity.

  • Rewards settings: using the advanced settings, you can decide which of your admins can manage the company's token balance and send rewards to users. For each admin, select if they can purchase tokens, send them to users, or both.


The recognitions are the perfect feature for managers that want to energize and inspire their employees while making them feel acknowledged and appreciated. The recognitions can range from work-related activities to milestones or even anniversaries.

  • Choosing the Advanced plan gives you access to all the default badges and the ability to choose from the different topics.

  • Personalize your recognition: send your recognition together with a personalized message that admins are able to attach to it.

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