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Connecteam's mission has been to develop a platform that is designed to provide you with a complete all-in-one solution to manage your employees and save you both time and money. Connecteam is therefore split into three different Hubs: The Operations Hub, Communication Hub, and HR & Skills Hub. Each hub is also split into different plans, the Free, Basic, Advanced and Expert Plan, all of which open up an array of opportunities in the shape of capabilities, depending on the plan that you're on. To make life easier, we've created a guide for each hub and the different tools and capabilities that exist on each plan:

  • Operations Hub: Basic, Advanced, Expert

  • Communication Hub: Basic, Advanced, Expert

  • HR & Skills Hub: Basic, Advanced, Expert

Now, for those of you that are looking to take your communication to the next level, then our Communication Hub Plan has a ton of capabilities to offer your business. To begin, the Communication Hub consists of the following features:

The Basic Plan is packed with capabilities and provides you with all of the basic tools that you might need to manage communication within your organization. Now, let's dive into each feature and go over the main capabilities that the Basic Plan offers:


Attachments - Share Images, Files, Locations, and GIFs when sharing an update to make it more engaging.

Team Chats - Create team chats where you and your team can communicate together.

Channels - This will allow you to create a channel where only administrators are able to write, for instance, if they have important announcements to share, without having to worry about the chat being flooded with replies.

Pin Chat - If you wish to pin an important chat and have it displayed at the top of the list.


Attachments - Share Images, Files, Locations, Links, YouTube links, and GIFs when chatting with your team.

Insights - Know if someone has viewed or not viewed your update so that you can take actionable insights, based on that information.


Work Contacts - This will allow you to add for instance suppliers, a specific department, or another external contact and have that information available to your employees.

Change Tab Names - Do you want to change the tab name from users to employees? Perhaps you want to change the work contacts tab to Suppliers? This is possible with the Basic Plan.

Knowledge Base

1 GB Storage - Have twice as much storage in your Knowledge Base compared to the Free Plan.

No File Limitations - Choose from all of the different upload options that the Knowledge Base has to offer

Multiple Knowledge Bases - You can create up to two separate knowledge bases in your sidebar


Unlimited Surveys - Create as many surveys as you wish within your account

Templates - Use one of our ready-made templates to get you up and running quickly!


Photos and Files - Add photos of the venue or a restaurant menu to the event description to take the event excitement

External Cover - Spice up your events by adding a customized event cover

Export Attendees - This will allow you to export your attendee list to excel with the click of a button

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