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Introduction to the HR Hub
Introduction to the HR Hub

Easily manage HR-related matters and streamline employee engagement on a single platform - 5 min read

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Instead of using multiple platforms to manage all HR matters, Connecteam provides you with all the features and capabilities needed under a single roof.

With Connecteam’s HR Hub, you can:

  • Set Time Off policies for your employees and track their absences

  • Build training courses for new & existing employees

  • Create onboarding processes for new employees

  • Use quizzes to make sure employees understand the content conveyed to them

  • And so much more

With the help of Connecteam’s HR Hub, you will nurture lasting and engaging relationships with your employees and positively change the way you run your business and manage your employees.

Connecteam’s HR Hub includes:

The Time Off Feature

Manage your employee's Time Off Accurately with our Time Off feature. Connecteam's time-off feature integrates with its all-and-one platform, providing full digitization of the time-off process with no calculations needed. It's completely transparent to both you and your employees making the management process easier than ever.

  • With the Time off feature, you can create paid and unpaid time off policies. You can customize these policies for various types of employees or workplace situations. Policies can be unlimited or limited and fixed or hourly.

  • After creating policies you'll get a clear overview of your employees and their time off balances and requests, and since we are an all-in-one solution - approved time off will be visible in the schedule and on the timesheet ensuring you conduct payroll and scheduling with all the relevant information.

  • When approving or declining a time off request managers have all the information they need such as the employee's current balance and the balance after the request would be approved. All this and more, with no calculations

In the example below we can see an admin going through an employee's request for time off with the balance left for that employee, making it easy to manage the user's time off avoiding approval of extra days.

Pro Tip: to learn more about the Time Off feature, click here.

The Courses Feature:

Build custom digital courses for your employees to complete straight from their mobile phones. Create onboarding processes, equipment training, or, read-and-sign documents while being able to manage and monitor your employees’ progress, all in one place.

  • See each employee’s progress. Did they start the course? Did they read and watch the files you sent them? You can easily check.

    On the Course lobby, click on “Overall course statistics” to see each employee’s progress and status:

You can also check who read a specific file or watched a particular video by clicking on the object in the course lobby:

  • Ensure your employees go through each object in a course making videos unskippable or asking them to confirm they have read or watched a lesson.

    No matter the media, from videos to PDFs, you can make sure your employees understand the course’s content. When you create a course and add an object, scroll down and you will see that object’s settings and customization options:

You can learn more about Courses here.

The Documents Feature:

Easily manage, store, and organize employees’ documents such as contracts, certificates, tax forms, licenses, etc., in one convenient place. Your employees can upload their documents directly from their mobile phones, and managers will be able to approve and download them.

Using the documents feature, you can create relevant document packs, allow your employees to upload their documents, choose to approve them or not, and download them if you’d like:

You can learn more about Documents here.

The Timeline Feature:

Manage, create, and view roadmaps and milestones for every employee. The timeline feature will help evaluate employees and facilitate growth and development within your company.

Timeline helps you understand if you should promote a specific employee, look for a pay rate change, conduct a yearly assessment, or organize a handoff between managers.

  • Certain important milestones will automatically be added to your employees’ timeline. To manually add milestones to your employee’s timeline just go to the relevant user, click on “Timeline” and then on “+Add event”:

You can learn more about Timeline here.

The Recognitions & Rewards Features:

Appreciate, incentivize, and motivate your employees by acknowledging their hard work and successes and celebrating their achievements.

With the Recognitions & Rewards features you can:

  • Let employees know that they did a good job

  • Inform employees that management chose them as an employee of the month

  • Notify employees that their great skills are appreciated

  • Send employees virtual badges to showcase their achievements

  • Grant tokens to employees that they can redeem for gifts

To send a badge using the Recognitions feature, click on “Send recognition,” choose the relevant employee, click on “Next step,” and choose an existing badge or create your own:

To send tokens using the Rewards feature, click on “Send tokens”, choose the relevant employee, click on “Next step,” and decide on the number of tokens to send:

You can learn more about Recognitions here.

You can learn more about Rewards here.

The Quizzes Feature:

When you conduct employee training or teach safety protocols, you want to ensure employees properly understand and retain that vital information. The quizzes feature lets you test and evaluate your team’s professional knowledge and make sure they understand company protocols and policies.

Quizzes are fully customizable to include multiple-choice with images and diagrams.

In the Quizzes feature, click on “Add new,” give your quiz a name, insert your questions and answers, and finalize your quiz settings. Your employees can then take the quiz on their mobile phones:

The insights you gain from your employee’s quiz answers will help you discover knowledge gaps and improve your training for future sessions.

Click on a quiz and then click on “Show entries” to see your employees’ submissions, or scroll down to see the quiz’s insights:

You can learn more about Quizzes here.

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