Connecteam’s HR Hub, will help you digitalize your company's HR operations. With the HR hub you can move away from pen and paper and still create lasting and engaging relationships with your employees, and positively change the way you run your business and manage your employees. Th HR Hub consists of the following features:

The HR Limited plan is excellent for teams with 11 to 30 employees who want to digitalize their HR operations or show appreciation for their employees, It's filled with the essentials of the each HR feature completely free of charge!

If your company has less than 10 employees then you can stop reading here, because our Small Business Plan which is cost-free and includes everything a small business needs is the plan for you!

Pro tip: Looking for extras? Check out our premium plans!

Now let's dive into each feature and go over the capabilities our Hr hub limited plan has to offer.


Number of Courses: Create up to 3 courses inside a category!

Courses Templates: Complete access to all of connecteam pre-made courses templates.

Quiz: Add a quiz inside your course to check your employees knowledge!

Text, Files, Image, Links & Youtube: Add all these and more to your course


Number of Documents in Pack: Create up to 3 documents inside 1 pack

Upload Documents: Both users and admins can upload documents giving you the flexibility you need.

Documents tab in user profile page: View documents either form inside the user profile or from the documents feature itself.

Document statistics: View document statistics and see the status of each document, which users have uploaded documents and which have not.


View Timeline: View roadmaps and important milestones for every employee inside their user profile.


Purchase & Send Tokens: Incentives your users by sending them tokens and acknowledging their important milestones or hard work.


Send recognitions: appreciate and motivate your employees by acknowledging their hard work and successes and celebrating their achievements.

Badges: 5 badges in total. 1 Badge per a topic.

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