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Connecteam's mission has been to develop a platform that is designed to provide you with a complete all-in-one solution to manage your employees and save you both time and money. Connecteam is therefore split into three different Hubs: The Operations Hub, Communication Hub, and HR & Skills Hub. Each hub is also split into different plans, the Free, Basic, Advanced, and Expert Plan, all of which open up an array of opportunities in the shape of capabilities, depending on the plan that you're on. To make life easier, we've created a guide for each hub and the different tools and capabilities that exist on each plan:

  • Operations Hub: Basic, Advanced, Expert

  • Communication Hub: Basic, Advanced, Expert

  • HR & Skills Hub: Basic, Advanced, Expert

Now, for those of you who are looking to take your communication to the next level, then our Communication Hub Plan has a ton of capabilities to offer your business. To begin, the Communication Hub consists of the following features:

The Advanced Plan opens up a lot of capabilities that help you manage your business at scale. Now, let's dive into each feature and go over the main capabilities that the Advanced Plan offers:


Advanced Chat Settings - These will allow you to decide whom your users can chat with and what users can create team chats. As an example, perhaps you don't want your employees to chat amongst each other, but only with management, or perhaps you don't want everyone to create different team chats within your app. If that is the case, then this feature will allow you to add those types of restrictions.

Read Receipts - Have you ever wondered if your message got through to your employees? Read receipts will allow you to know if employees have actually read your message or not.


Polls and Videos - If you wish to spice up your updates and really engage your employees, on the Advanced Plan you'll be able to poll your employees and attach videos to your updates.

Likes & Comments Control - For those that want full control of the comment section, on the Advanced Plan, you can decide if you want to enable users' ability to like and comment on the updates you post.


Visible User Fields - This capability will allow you to hide specific user information. For instance, if you're the CEO, perhaps you would not want everyone to have access to your phone number. In that case, you can make that information unavailable to the rest of your user base, while still showing your title.

User Visibility - Similar to the user fields, you can also decide to hide specific users and have them completely removed from the directory.

Work Contacts - If you wish to add, for instance, suppliers, specific department information, or any general contact that is not necessarily a user within your account then the Work Contacts tab will enable you to do so.

Knowledge Base

5 GB Storage - Get 5 times as much storage as on the Basic plan

No File Limitations - Choose from all of the different upload options that the Knowledge Base has to offer

Unlimited Knowledge Bases - You can create as many knowledge bases in your sidebar (keep in mind the total storage is still 5 GB)

Advanced Filtering - Use as many filter combinations as you wish


Anonymous - On the Advanced Plan, you have the ability to create anonymous surveys so that you can your employees can feel comfortable providing you with feedback.


Limited Spots - This will allow you to limit the number of spots for any given event

Hide attending - If you don't want people to know the attendee list then you can use this setting to hide attendees.

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