From planning to distribution to employee communication, Connecteam’s scheduling app makes everything simple, quick, and intuitive. Simplify your scheduling with advanced mobile app settings like users schedules, enable availability/shift replacements, reject/accept options, and more.

In this article we will go over:

How to access the Job schedule Mobile App settings

The Mobile App tab is where you will be able to customize what your users will be able to do/ see on the Job schedule via their mobile app.

To access your Job Scheduling Mobile App settings:

  1. Click the Job Scheduling feature on your sidebar.

  2. Click the schedule.

  3. Click Options > Settings > Mobile app tab.

The Mobile App Tab

The mobile app tab consists of a few different settings where you will be able to customize the Job schedule according to your company's needs.

Below we will go over each setting as well as get to see what it looks like in the Mobile app.

User's schedules

Here you can decide whether you want users who are assigned to the Job scheduler to see their own schedules or everyone's schedules. In the example below, the mobile user can view all schedules.

Note that when viewing their personal schedules admins and owners of the dashboard are also affected by these settings.

Enable Availability

If you would like for your users to add in there Availabilities and Preferred day, here is where you will give them the access to do so. Your users will be able to set up their availability and prefer to work days from the app.

There they can choose a full day or a couple of hours of that day.

Enable Shift replacement requests

Shift replacement allows users to swap their scheduled shifts with their fellow qualified teammates, saving you time and effort, and saving your team the long & late-night phone calls to find replacements.

Reject /Accept Shifts

The Reject Button

When this option is activated, users can reject a shift and send a note to their dashboard admin or owner.

Pro Tip: To quickly spot rejected shifts on the dashboard, check for a red dot on the left-right corner of the shift.

Accept button

Mobile users can accept a shift and their status will show up as Accepted.

ProTip: To quickly spot an accepted shift on the dashboard, check for the light green dot on the left corner of the shift.

Check in/ Completed Shifts

If you would like your users to check in and check out through the Job schedule, this is the setting you are looking for. Mobile users can check in once they start a shift and click complete once they are done the shift. The status can be accompanied by a GPS stamp and a note as well.

Pro Tip: To quickly spot a checked-in shift and completed shifts-

Look for a light blue dot on the left corner of the shift for Check in and look for the dark green dot on the left corner of the shift for a completed shift.

If the GPS location is enabled you will be able to see the location stamp once the user is Check in or has completed a shift.

Users can view

If you would like for the users to see who has create, assigned, or published the shift you can customize it right here.

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