How to Change an Employee's Phone Number

Edit your employee's mobile phone number

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Connecteam uses mobile phone numbers for log in purposes. This means, that if an existing user changes their phone number they will not be able to access the app with the new number, until an Admin or Owner updates the phone number attached to the user's profile.

To change an employee's phone number, access the Users tab and click on the user you wish to edit. Type the new number and click anywhere outside the phone number box. A bouncing ball will appear, indicating that the number is being saved:

If the phone number is not being saved, it could be related to two reasons:

  1. The phone number already exists and it is part of another employee's profile.

  2. The phone number belongs to a landline, and not to a mobile device.

Please note that every user in the system should be attached to a unique and different mobile phone number which will prevent any external person from logging in to your app.

💡 Tip: Looking to change the phone number of an Admin or Owner? First you will need to demote them, then change their phone number and promote them once again. To learn more about how to remove an admin or owners permissions check out this article.

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