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Learn to Edit Assignments, Duplicate, Archive or Delete Time Clocks in the Time Clock Lobby

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The Time Clock was designed to allow you to easily track the work hours of your team and to make payroll a breeze! From the Time Clock Lobby, you can easily view all your company's time clocks and take specific actions.

In this article we will go over all the actions you can take from the time clock lobby.

These include:

Let’s get started!

To reach the Time Clock lobby, simply navigate to the time clock on your left sidebar. Once inside to take action select the 3 dots on the relevant time clock. Here the menu with all the possible actions will appear.

Edit Name

The first action you can take is editing the name of your time clock. Simply select, edit and rename the time clock however you would like. In the example below you can see I renamed one of my time clocks to be Emergency Room.

Edit Assignments

The next available option is editing to who the time clock is assigned.

Choose if you would like to assign the clock to the All Users Group or a specific Smart Group and select next. Then decide whether to notify your users that have been assigned to the Time Clock in a way you see fit and select next. Finally, select confirm and selected assignment has been saved.

Take a look at how this looks in the video below:

Duplicate the Time Clock

If you have one time clock set up and want to create another quickly and efficiently then duplicating the time clock is a great solution. By clicking on the duplicate option, a menu will appear and you can select and unselect the settings which you would like to duplicate from the current time clock. Once finished select duplicate and a new time clock will be generated.

This options truly lets you create and customize new time clocks without having to do manual work.

Please note that duplicating g a time clock is available from the Advanced Operations Hub plan and above!

Archiving and Deleting the Time Clock

The final options are archiving or deleting a time clock. Deleting a time clock removes the time clock and all of its records from the platform. Archiving a time clock simply deactivates it and ensures your users do not keep using it. The timesheets remain in the platform and can be accessed in the future by restoring the time clock.

Please note that archiving a time clock is available from the Advanced Operations Hub plan and above!

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