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Updates: 5 Must-Have Capabilities
Updates: 5 Must-Have Capabilities
An overview of some of the most useful updates capabilities - 5 min read
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If you are using the Update feature regularly, you must know about these 5 "killer" capabilities that can take your team to the next level.

The Capabilities are:

  1. Live poll

  2. Schedule publication

  3. Recurring updates

  4. Pin post

  5. Shortcuts

Live poll

Live polls are a great way to keep your team engaged at all times while getting the live results!

For example:

  • Voting on the costumes contest

  • Choosing the preferred venue for our next company party

  • Next training opportunities (seminar, guest speaker, etc.)

  • Happy hour preferences

  • What to order for lunch

And the list goes on and on :)

You can learn more about Live polls here.

To watch a video about how to create a Live Poll, click here.

Schedule publication:

As managers, efficiency, and time-saving are most important.

Remembering to create updates such as birthday wishing updates that are a few months aways, reminding team members of specific upcoming events, and more can be a tedious task.

With the schedule publication capability, you can create pre-published updates while settings the publication date and time you see fit, saving the manager much time and effort!

To watch a video about how to schedule an update, click here.

Recurring updates

The Repeat Update option will allow you to send out recurring updates to your employees. You can set updates to repeat daily, weekly, or monthly, making sure that they are always on top of the most important announcements.

When should I use Recurring Updates:

  • Repeatedly remind your employees to prepare and go over their timesheets before the payroll period ends.

  • Remind your team to fill out the weekly or monthly report.

  • A daily health declaration, including a link to that specific Form.

  • A quarterly wellbeing company survey.

  • Weekly reminder to set unavailability in the schedule.

Pin post

You as managers always want to be in control of the data presented to your team and the order in which it is presented.

Pin posting updates and other content is key for manager control.

With a click of a button, you can determine which content will be pinned to the top of the user's feed, having them viewing it constantly as the first thing they see on the app.

For example, having the Covid-19 guidelines update presented at the top of the user's feed for them to view every time they enter the app.

To watch a video tutorial about how to pin a post, click here.


When it comes to managing your team, making the content easy to find is key!

With our new Shortcut capability, you can now send internal links through the update feature sending the users directly to the relevant content with a click of a button.

For example, sending a link to users with their daily form that needs to be submitted, or perhaps the weekly training they must complete before the weekend and so much more!

Managers can use this capability both through the dashboard or on the go via the mobile app.

Via dashboard:

Via mobile:

You can learn more about Shortcuts by clicking here

To watch a video about how to create a shortcut click here.

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