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Our Anonymous Surveys can serve as a great way to find out about your employees' opinions and thoughts. You can measure employee satisfaction, match employees' benefits with needs, or find out how your employees feel about their team, all while remaining discrete and confidential.

You can create your survey from scratch or use one of our templates from our templates library. There is plenty to go around!

In this article, we will cover:

Anonymous Surveys Use Cases

  1. Raising complaint

  2. Employee's Satisfaction rate and honest feedback

  3. Suggestion box

  4. Process improvement offers

  5. Confidential and honest feedback on sensitive issues

How to Create an Anonymous Survey

To create an anonymous survey, follow these steps:

  1. Click Surveys on your sidebar and click Add new

  2. Type the survey's name and check the box anonymous survey.

  3. Create your survey and click Save Changes.

  4. Once saved, you will need to assign your survey.

  5. Done! Employees can start replying to your survey.

How to View Answers

To see the Survey answers, click your the relevant Survey and then click Entries

The survey answers will be displayed in an entries table.

How to Export Answers

After receiving your survey results, you can export your entries for your use!

To do so, simply click on the relevant Survey > Scroll down to insights > select Export. That's it! You'll receive an exported file.

How to Distinguish between Anonymous and Non-Anonymous Surveys

Employees will be able to distinguish anonymous surveys as they will have in the title, "This is an anonymous survey".

Please note that our Anonymous Surveys are part of the Advanced plan and above.

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