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Connecteam's mission has been to develop a platform that is designed to provide you with a complete all-in-one solution to manage your employees and save you both time and money. Connecteam is therefore split into three different Hubs: The Operations Hub, Communication Hub, and HR & Skills Hub.

This article will cover the Communication Hub, which contains essential features which enable you and your team to engage with one another in a variety of ways, both digitally, and in person. The features that are part of the Communication Hub are the following:

Let's dive into each feature and go over the main capabilities that each feature has to offer!


The chat is your bread and butter feature for everyday conversations. It's easy and instant! The chat has been designed to be so simple that anyone should be able to download the app and start chatting away, without any previous experience.

Feature Highlights:

  • Variety of chat options - Create one on one chats, team chats, and channels that allow you to communicate with your employees.

  • Attachments - Attach Images, GIF's, Files and Locations and share them with your employees.

  • Read Receipts - This gives you the ability to see who's actually read your message and who has not so that you can take action based on that information.

  • Shortcuts - Connect all the dots by sending a deep link to another feature within Connecteam such as a form to fill out or link to a training course to complete.

  • Pin Chat - Pin your most important chat to the top of the list to ensure you never miss an important message


The Updates feature will allow you to create fun and engaging announcements that will show on your company's own social feed. With a range of attachments available the possibilities are endless. Your updates are also packed with insights such as who's read them and at what time! For those that haven't you can also send out an additional reminder or begin a chat conversation.

Feature Highlights:

  • Attachments - Share Images, Files, Videos, Locations, Links, YouTube links, and GIFs when chatting with your team.

  • Live Polls - Are you wondering what employees want to eat for happy hour? Are you having a competition and want them to decide on the prize? Live polls will allow you to interact with your employees like never before.

  • Scheduled Updates - Instead of posting your updates on the spot you can now schedule them ahead of time!

  • Recurring Updates - Combining all of these capabilities, you can also have an update recur every quarter for say a quarterly survey that you've created

  • Multiple Objects - Want to spice up your updates? On the Expert Plan, you can combine two different attachments such as an image and a gif, or a file and a video!

  • Shortcuts - Similar to the chat shortcuts, you can share an update on the company feed with a link to your new company policy or a reminder to sign up for an event that you've created


The Directory is like your company phone book where you can display both your employee's contact details and external contacts. As a result, your employees will never have to ask around to find that information, it's already there, straight in their pockets, and readily accessible.

Feature Highlights:

  • User Field Visibility - Gives you the ability to hide specific user information from employees, such as addresses and phone numbers.

  • User Visibility - For the employees that do not want to be shown, similar to the user fields, you can also decide to hide specific users and have them completely removed from the directory.

  • Work Contacts - If you wish to add, for instance, suppliers, specific department information, or any general contact that is not necessarily a user within your account then you can do so within the Work Contacts tab

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base acts as your digital storage where you can store files digitally that are accessible for your employees from anywhere! You can store client information, contracts, create inventory and equipment lists and so much more. The possibilities are endless!

Feature Highlights:

  • Up to 10 GB Storage - Depending on the plan you choose, you can have up to 10GB storage

  • No File Limitations - Choose from all of the different upload options that the Knowledge Base has to offer

  • Create several knowledge bases - Want to create one equipment list and one inventory list? As always, Connecteam gives you the flexibility to do so.

  • Advanced Filtering - Will allow you to find the information you need in an instant


Conducting Surveys is a great way to find out about your employees' opinions and thoughts. You can measure employee satisfaction, match employees' benefits with needs, or find out how your employees feel about their team. You can use one of our templates or create your own.

Feature Highlights:

  • Anonymous - Create anonymous surveys so that you can your employees can feel comfortable providing you with feedback

  • Templates - Not sure where to begin? Select one of our ready-made templates, edit them quickly and begin using our Surveys today.


Are you having a company celebration or perhaps just a smaller gathering outside of work? With the events feature, you can now create events that your employees can RSVP and attend. Events allow you to notify, manage, track attendance and communicate about internal company events like never before.

Feature Highlights:

  • Photos and Files - Add photos of the venue or a restaurant menu to the event description to take the event excitement

  • External Cover - Spice up your events by adding a customized event cover

  • Export Attendees - This will allow you to export your attendee list to excel with the click of a button

  • Limited Spots - This will allow you to limit the number of spots for any given event

  • Hide attending - If you don't want people to know the attendee list then you can use this setting to hide attendees.

  • Shortcuts - Is there a registration form you wish your employees to fill out? Create a form, ask questions such as what dietary requirements your employees have and attach it in a shortcut

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