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How Can I Navigate the Breadcrumbs Map View More Effectively?
How Can I Navigate the Breadcrumbs Map View More Effectively?
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To help you better understand the Breadcrumbs Map View, we've implemented several enhancements that offer valuable insights into location activities. Here are the widgets that will assist you as a manager to better comprehend the map and grasp a clear overview of your employees’ whereabouts.

  1. Route Visualization: When you hover over the route taken by a specific user, you'll notice an animated arrow indicating the direction of the route. This dynamic feature makes it simple to visualize the user's path on the map.

  2. Pin Details: When you hover over a pin on the map, you'll not only see the timestamp but also the name of the employee to whom the pin location belongs. This additional information provides a clear identification of the employee associated with the specific route, allowing you to easily differentiate it from the routes of other employees.

  3. Low Accuracy Indicator: In cases of low accuracy, you will notice a dotted indicator with a question mark. Hovering over this indicator will provide an explanation of the issue, offering insights into the reason behind the reduced accuracy. This feature ensures that you are informed about any potential inaccuracies and helps you understand the underlying factors affecting the location data.

  4. Low Accuracy Clock-ins/Clock-outs: When an employee clocks in or out with low location accuracy, we display this information on the map. You will notice an indication, along with the reason for the reduced accuracy, to provide transparency and clarity.

  5. Auto-Clock Out Indication: In cases where a user is automatically clocked out, we are currently unable to capture their precise location. However, we have implemented a solution to address this. To ensure transparency, we place a pin on the map near the area to indicate that the user was auto-clocked out, and their clock-out location could not be accurately captured. It's worth noting that you will also have access to their last timestamp before the auto clock-out, which generally provides an indication of where they clocked out from.

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