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What Might Be the Reason I See a Straight Line With No Pin Locations?
What Might Be the Reason I See a Straight Line With No Pin Locations?
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There can be various reasons for encountering a straight line on the map (as seen below). Here are a few possible explanations:

  1. If an employee's phone is switched off, we won't receive any location updates, and it may appear as a straight line on the map.

  2. Some employees may choose to turn off their geolocation services intentionally after clocking in, which can result in a straight line as their location data is not being shared.

  3. Power-saving modes on phones can sometimes restrict the collection of breadcrumbs, leading to a straight line. This can occur when an employee's phone is in power-saving mode to conserve battery life.

  4. It's essential to ensure that the users' Location Services setting for our app is set to "Always" mode. If the app is set to a different mode or if the employee quits the app or turns off the screen, it may affect the ability to capture location updates and result in a straight line.

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