Who Can Fill Out a Form?
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A form can be filled out by anyone!

Users and admins can fill out forms on the mobile app and web app as long as they are assigned to the form.

In order to check who is assigned to the form, first access the Forms feature on the left sidebar. In the Forms lobby, a list of the forms is presented with a summary of the data of the different forms. One of the columns refers to the assignments: "Assigned to". Hover over the assignees in order to see all the groups/ users that are assigned to the specific form.

In order to edit the assignments of a specific form access the form, click on Options, and then hit "Edit Assignments".

💡 Tip: If you are an admin of a form you will manage and control the form from your admin dashboard. If you need to fill out the form as well, you won't be able to fill it out until you assign the form to yourself. Once you have assigned the form to yourself, you can fill out the form on your mobile app or on the web app by switching your admin dashboard to the user's view. Simply click on your name in the top right corner and click on "Switch to user's view".

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