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My Admin Can't Fill Out a Form, Why Could This Be?
My Admin Can't Fill Out a Form, Why Could This Be?
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If the admin can't fill out a form, it's likely because they have admin permissions to the form but are not assigned to it as a user. To fill out the form, the admin needs to be assigned to the form and then switch to the user's view.

Here's how to assign an admin

In order to assign an admin to the form, access the form, click on "Options", and then click on "Edit Assignments". Either choose 'Smart Groups' and select the relevant smart group that the admin belongs to or choose 'Select Users' and mark the admin on the list.

Filling out the form

After assigning the admin to the form, he will need to switch to the user's view to fill out the form. To switch to the user's view, simply click on your name in the top right corner and click on "Switch to user's view". Then, access the form and fill it out

💡 Tip: Does your admin want to fill out a form through the mobile app? No problem! Once assigned to him, he can access the form through the Assets tab and fill it out.

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