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As an Admin, I Cannot See a Form in the Admin Dashboard - Why?
As an Admin, I Cannot See a Form in the Admin Dashboard - Why?
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If an admin can't see a form in the admin dashboard this means the admin is not an admin of the specific form (which we call an asset).

In each feature on the platform, there may be multiple assets. Each asset can be assigned to specific admins, this way, you can decide what content your admins will have access to. Connecteam allows you to modify your system admins' permissions to access users, features, and content in their dashboards, according to their role in the company.

If you do not see a form that you need access to, reach out to a system owner or an admin that already has permission to the form. They will be able to assign you to the form.

In order to assign an admin to a form, access the relevant form and click on the Asset Admins in the top toolbar. Select the specific admin you wish to add to the form.

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