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Is there a way to prevent an employee from clocking in before their shift?
Is there a way to prevent an employee from clocking in before their shift?
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Yes, there is! Once your Job Scheduler and Time Clock are synced, you can set up the Time Clock Limitations settings to prevent employees from clocking in before their scheduled shifts.

To set this up, head to your Time Clock, click on Settings at the top right, select the Limitations tab, enable the Clock in limitation option, and select 'Users can only clock in within their schedule shifts'.

When activated, this setting ensures employees clock in from within scheduled shifts, and on the time their shifts start, at the earliest.
If a user tries to clock in beforehand, a timer will appear instead of the 'Start' button, indicating how much time is left before they can clock in and start their shift.

Within the same settings, you can even set it up to expand the timeframe and allow clocking in starting from a certain amount of time before their shifts start.
To do so, select the 'Users can clock in up to X minutes before their assigned shift starts' option.

*Time Clock Limitations are available from the Operations Expert plan and above*

To learn more about the Time Clock Limitations settings, click here!

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