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Can I Prevent Employees From Forgetting to Clock Out?
Can I Prevent Employees From Forgetting to Clock Out?
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Yes, you can prevent employees from forgetting to clock out!

Connecteam has customizable built-in tools to help users clock out when needed. These tools are highly recommended for admins to use as they help manage the workforce efficiently and prevent time theft and manual work editing timesheets.

Let's go over the different tools:

Reminders are push notifications sent to your users reminding them to clock out at a certain hour. The admin can also choose which days are relevant for this reminder to be sent out.

In order to set up Reminders simply access the Reminders tab in the Time Clock settings, and click on the relevant days for the reminders. Blue days mean activated days for reminders. In order to set up the time in which the reminder should be sent customize the settings "Remind employees to clock out at:"

**Reminders are available from the Operations Basic plan and above**

Now let's go over two great tools you can use to make sure that users are clocked out automatically if they forget to actively clock out.

Auto clock-out by daily limit

Set the auto clock-out to after a certain amount of hours so that employees exceeding the daily working hour limit, will be automatically clocked out. This can match the Daily limit which is the setting right above the Auto-clock out in the General tab. The Daily limit refers to the number of hours in which you will get notified when the limit is exceeded. The auto-clock out could also be a stand-alone total hour that you decide, regardless of the daily limit.

To set up Auto clock-out simply access the General tab in the Time Clock settings and set after how many hours the employee will be clocked out.

**Auto clock out in the General tab is available from the Operations Advanced plan and above**

Auto clock-out by limitations

Have your users auto-clock out by the end of the shift by enabling the auto clock-out through the Limitations tab. Here you can choose if users will be automatically clocked out at the end of their shift that was assigned to them in the Job Scheduler, or after a certain amount of minutes after their shift ends. In order to set up the auto clock-out by limitations access the Time Clock settings, enable "Auto clock-out at the end of a shift" and decide which option to choose.

If you wish to set different customized daily boundaries for clock-in and clock-out times, use the Custom limit by days in the Limitations tab. This means users will be automatically clocked out once they reach the daily hour limit on a specific day, as you determine in these settings.

**Auto clock out in the Limitations tab is available from the Operations Expert plan and above**

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